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The Employer’s Advocate is the blog of Vicki Hart Wilmarth, Amarillo’s premiere employment lawyer, who has been defending employers for more than 25 years in Texas.

Vicki helps businesses avoid the legal landmines threatening a company in the discrimination, overtime, unemployment, workers’ compensation, and retaliation laws. She drafts employee handbooks, covenants not to compete and contracts with key employees. She advises employers on the tricky wage and hour laws and group health insurance issues. Vicki also provides informative and entertaining legal training to managers and supervisors all over Texas.

For more information about Vicki’s legal practice, go to her website.

For 12 years, Vicki wrote a monthly column for the Amarillo Globe News called “The Employer’s Advocate.” Many entries in this blog originally ran in the Globe-News.

One thing Vicki has learned in her years of law practice is that business owners and managers don’t have time to keep up with all the new developments in employment law. They also don’t have the patience to read through a bunch of legal cites and jargon. They just want to know what they can and can’t do legally in managing their employees. Delivering that clear and concise information to employers is Vicki’s goal in her law practice and in this blog.

Vicki Hart Wilmarth

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