All Employers Required to Send ACA Notice By October 1, 2013

As an employer, you have a deadline quickly approaching. You are required to send a notice to all of your employees about the marketplace exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act. You can find the model notices at There is a model notice for those employers who provide group health insurance and a separate model notice for those employers who do not provide group health insurance. There are Spanish versions of both of those notices available on that same DOL website page.

This notice is required of all employers who are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (overtime and minimum wage law), regardless of how many employees you have and regardless of whether you offer health insurance or not.

You must provide this notice to all of your employees, even those who are not eligible for your group health insurance and those who are not enrolled in your plan.

The deadline for providing this notice to your current employees is October 1, 2013. Anyone you hire after that time must receive the notice within 14 days of employment. You may provide the notices by mail, or you can use e-mail to notify those employees who regularly have access to a work e-mail address.

For those employers who offer health insurance, the Model Notice has a page three that asks about the specifics of your health insurance plan. It is optional as to whether you as an employer answer the questions asked on page three. Because of the uncertainties of the health insurance market right now and the probability that many of you will be offered a renewal in December 2013 that will change this information, I suggest that those of you who offer a group health plan do not answer any of the questions on page three of this notice at this time.

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