Employee Resignation Form

I’m thinking of putting a form or policy online each Friday to help you as a Texas employer. Let me know what you think of that idea by leaving a comment.

Last Friday I posted a written warning form that you can adapt for your Texas business. This week I decided that I would post a written employee resignation form.

It is so important that you get your resigning employees to sign a written resignation. This will show the Texas Workforce Commission that the resignation was voluntary on the employee’s behalf. This is the best way to defeat an unemployment claim. A signed resignation that includes the employee’s reasons for quitting can also be a strong piece of evidence if you later are sued for discrimination by the employee. The reasons included by the employee can also alert you to a more widespread problem that you need to handle now, such as a universally disliked supervisor.

While any written resignation is better than nothing in writing, here is a form that you can print out and keep on hand to have your employees complete anytime one of them resigns.



Please accept my voluntary resignation effective: _________________________ (Date). I would like for my last day of work for the Company to be: ______________________________ (Date). I understand that the Company does not have to allow me to work until my requested last day and can accept my resignation immediately or at any time hereafter if the Company so chooses.

Reasons for Resignation:
I understand that I am responsible for returning all Company property on or before my last day of work. The Company property that I presently have in my possession is:

I ask that my final paycheck (due on the next regular payday after my last day of work) and any other post-termination notices, such as my end of the year tax forms, be mailed to me at the following address: _____________________________________________________________________________.

Employee Signature: ___________________________________

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