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Sexual Harassment for all Ages

Texas courts have considered sexual harassment at both ends of the age spectrum lately. One case involved a teenager as a victim and the other involved a 62-year old harasser who claimed age discrimination when he was fired. Both cases have lessons to teach employers about sexual harassment, still one of the most common employment claims that companies face.

The case involving the teenager was tried in Houston last year. The EEOC filed the case on behalf of a 19-year-old who was hit upon by the owner of the dry cleaners in which she worked. The evidence showed that the owner inappropriately touched his young female employee, made many offensive comments, and held her against his will in her car while he graphically related his sexual desires and threatened her with sex against her will. The jury found that the owner had harassed the employee and awarded her $105,000.

A couple of things need to be learned from this case: Continue reading Sexual Harassment for all Ages